Fall Collaborations News!



Mexercize Premiere!

Collaborative project with Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Roberto Sifuentes, Produced by Emma Tramposch is premiering at Cypress College as part of a group show, Within, curated by Chlöe Flores. Press release below:

Reception: Wednesday, September 25th, 6–9pm

Cypress, CA, September 2013 – Cypress College Art Gallery is pleased to announce Within, an exhibition and program of events that explore the perceiving self, embodiment, and the corporeal production of knowledge, with artworks by Heather Cassils; Ashley Hunt and Taisha Paggett; Mariah Garnett, Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Roberto Sifuentes, Guru Rugu, and Julie Tolentino, curated by Chloë Flores.

Body-based perspectives and processes circulate widely in contemporary aesthetic fields that consider the body as a medium, subject and object.  However, discourse on the subject is nominal within the field of art. This lack of discourse raises questions about the perceived value of mind/body awareness in the production and reception of artists work, and complicates efforts to position corporeal perception and response within an art context. Within contributes to and comments on these rare, but developing discourses by examining the ways notions of embodiment form and inform artistic production. This exhibition presents the following works for consideration: Mexercize (2013) by Garnett, Gómez-Peña and Sifuentes, a performance video installation and conceptual exercise program; Par Course C: Formation, Drill, Maneuver (2013) by Hunt and Paggett, a group of public participatory sculptures that guide one through “movement-thought exercises;” Guru Rugu’s Greatest Hits (2013), a room for listening and contemplation with audio mediations led by Rugu; On Our Backs: After Raised by Wolves(2013) by Tolentino, an interactive installation based on moving bodies and host to one-to-one open studio explorations; and Becoming an Image (2012) by Cassils, a collection of photographs and audio installation from a growing body of work intersecting sculpture and performance. Each project shows the significance of kinesthetic, somatic, and haptic awareness in the exchange of artistic ideas, and reveals a variety of relationships that stem from experiences of transference and embodiment.  

Within will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue featuring artist pages and essays by Chloë Flores, Melinda Guillen, and Megan Hoetger.

For more information on the exhibition, artists, and programming, please visit: ccartgallery.net



A culmination of the September LA Artist Residency at Echo Park Film Center with Eve Fowler. A screening of surf movie clips along with footage from our new collaborative film, a work in progress called Life Is Torture.

Thursday, September 26 – LA AIR: EVE FOWLER & MARIAH GARNETT – 8 PM

LA AIR is a new artist-in-residence program that invites Los Angeles filmmakers to utilize EPFC resources in creating a new work over a four-week period.

The Girls! The Boys! The Girls! Come sneak a peak, in a voyeuristic evening of objectifying surfers. Excerpts from Eve Fowler & Mariah Garnett's new movie, Life Is Torture will be screened along side some of the films which inspired it—movies about, and sometimes by, surfers from the 1970's.  Free event!